Price list for Whited Way Taxidermy Shawnee Oklahoma

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Turning your trophy into art

you will be proud to display.

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William J. Whited

"I enjoy working with these beautiful mounts. 

I like to see the piece of art looking as though

it is still in the wild looking at you in return.  I

started out doing this as a hobby and soon felt my heart was in it for the long haul.  After several years of practice, I decided to start a business and let others share what I invision in the mounts.  I hope you enjoy your visit and hope you feel that I am worthy to take on your pride and joy." 


Thanks for stopping by,

William Whited 

William has lived in Oklahoma most of his life. He has been hunting since he was a child.  He enjoys the outdoors and loves working with his hands.  He continues to hunt every chance he gets. William has friends and family that he spends several days with each  year  hunting for turkey, deer and pheasant.  William enjoys being in the studio and  he works diligently to assure your mount will be a piece of art that you will enjoy for many years to come.